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Hi, I'm Hana. I love people, stories, and creating. I am a mother of two  very cool and passionate young women, I travel often and have spent many years as a support worker meeting incredible people facing some of life's most difficult challenges. I started developing film when I was 11 and having been shooting ever since. Now this is my job and I love it!

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photo by Amir Ghazi 
Whether you know what you want, have questions, or just want to explore possibilities, I am happy to hear from you!

 Montreal, Quebec 




Un gros merci à Hana pour la séance de photos. De beaux résultats rapides. Je vous la conseille, n'hésitez pas à la contacter, elle est professionnel, se déplace, à des prix compétitifs et s'adapte à vos besoin. 


My entire family has paid thousands of dollars for images of myself, my children, my parents etc and so far you have managed to be the best. This is truly stunning work.


I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks Hana  for capturing my two munchkins, beautiful work! X


Thank you so much ... they are great!
I love them all!!


It was our first experience and you made it wonderful. Thank you so much!